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Policy and finance for climate action

Climate change is more present and noticeable each day. The year 2017 was a record  breaking year in higher temperatures, extreme weather events, and shrinking polar caps…  The challenges are daunting!

Spurred by increased global awareness and advances in technology, international climate  policy is finally gathering momentum. The Paris Agreement marks a clear acceleration in  climate action, committing to keep global warming below 2 degrees by decreasing the use of fossil fuels, increasing renewable energy and by implementing adaptation and resilience measures. The climate pledges made by the international community, national governments and private actors must now be translated into meaningful action.

Finance is one of the key drivers of this much needed climate action. Now is the time for  innovative, creative solutions to mobilise the necessary resources and trigger involvement  from all levels of society: Governments, the private sector, communities and individuals.

The Summer Academy 2018 will sketch a roadmap to a low-carbon future: From the  international climate policy framework, to national policy and finance lessons of the  German energy transition, down to the different forms of climate finance and the participation of multi-level stakeholders.

The Academy features workshops, visits to a wind energy farm and a renewable electricity  storage plant, a three-day conference program, networking events and a festive goodbye  barbecue in Berlin.

The Summer  Academy 2018 will run from 22-27 July 2018 in Greifswald and Berlin,  Germany.

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