Socio-economic opportunities and drivers on the way to a low-carbon society

London and Guildford | UK

In 2011, the Academy took place in Guildford and in London, the UK in close co-operation with the University of Surrey, an academic institution specialized in decarbonization efforts. With an impressive number of research centres and projects in the field of low-carbon strategies on campus, the University hosted the Academy in their conference space and participants stayed overnight on campus.

Click here  for the Guildford, Surrey program
Click here  for the agenda of the final conference in London, hosted by Freshfields

For 5 days, the program considered the different aspects of a low carbon society. Monday, the kick-off, started with a deeper understanding of today’s society through a psychological analysis of consumers’ behavioural drivers and an evaluation of lifestyles, consumption and production patterns. Against this light, a realistic view of a low carbon society was be presented, delineating clearly where we are now, and where we are trying to go. Tuesday addressed the policy instruments on an international, EU and national (UK) level. Wednesday focused on the energy dimension of a low carbon society, and presented participants with an overview of renewable energy, intermittency issues and (smart) grids. Thursday was the last day at the University of Surrey and will investigate the decarbonisation of the transport sector, from electric vehicles (EV) to trains to biofuels, with a special case study of the EV project Autolib’ in Paris. On Friday the Academy moved from Guildford to London, for the final conference ‘Curbing Climate Change: The Need for Building New Legal Infrastructures’ in the capital’s historical legal district on Fleet Street. The Summer Academy’s final conference took at, and in close collaboration with, the law firm Freshfields.