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Connecting energy sectors for a global energy transition

In 2016, renewable energy investment exceeded investment in conventional energy for the second year in a row, in spite of low oil prices. However, most progress is made in the electricity sector. The heating, cooling and especially the transport sector are more challenging to decarbonize, and continue to be dominated by conventional energy sources.

On top of that, energy policy around the world is giving off mixed signals. While China is moving forward with the mass-scale development of renewable energy, other countries are slowing down. Germany‘s rapid integration of renewable energy is decelerating and the European Union introduced lower and nationally non-binding targets for 2030, while the United States’ commitment to climate policy and renewable energy is wavering under the new government.

The 14th annual Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ will show that further renewable energy expansion is still achievable, addressing the need to move beyond electricity and connect it with the heat and transport sector in a sustainable, smart energy system.

The Academy features workshops, visits to a wind energy farm and a renewable electricity storage plant, a three-day conference program, and a social evening program, ending with a festive barbecue in Berlin.

The Summer  Academy 2017 will run from 16- 21 July 2017 in Greifswald and Berlin, Germany.