15 Years: The Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’

For ten years now, the Summer Academy has brought together researchers and professionals, some at the beginning of their career, around a topic of common interest in the field of energy and the environment. Participants are selected on professional and academic qualifications, while ensuring as accurate a representation of cultures and nationalities as possible. Countries may take very different approaches to similar problems in the field of energy and the environment, and an international group enriches the discussions and expertise gathered during the Academy.  A key element is the inclusion of transition and developing countries, to allow for expertise and sometimes even technology transfer during the event. Many former participants are now established policy-makers, business leaders or academics themselves, and the professional (and social) network they established during their Summer Academy still serves them well.

The Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ | Ten Years of Interdisciplinary Cooperation

2004 Transition from Nuclear Energy to Renewable Energy Sources
Greifswald, Germany

2005 Implementing Kyoto – Chances and Challenges for Transition Countries
Irkutsk, Russia

2006 Emissions Trading in Europe – Review and Preview
Greifswald, Germany

2007 Bridging the Divide in Global Climate Policy: Strategies for Enhanced Participation and Integration
Budapest, Hungary

2008 Realizing the Paradigm Shift towards Energy Sustainability: Climate Change, Technological Innovation, and the Challenge of an Optimal Instrument Mix
Greifswald, Germany

2009 Bridging the Divide in Global Climate Policy 2.0: From Bali to Copenhagen
Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

2010 Transnational Energy Grids: Challenges on the Way to Sustainable Energy Transmission Greifswald, Germany

2011 Socio-Economic Opportunities and Drivers on the Way to a Low-Carbon Society
Guildford and London, the United Kingdom

2012 Energy Transition: Expansion and Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
Berlin, Germany

2013 Climate Change and the Energy Challenge: Integration Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources
Brussels, Belgium

2014 Energy Transition 2.0: Further Deployment and Market Integration of Renewable Energy

2015 Governing climate change: A multi-level approach to energy system transformation

2016 Sustainable cities: Low-Carbon Policy for the Urban Energy Transition

2017 Towards 100% renewable: Connecting energy sectors for a global energy transition

2018 Roadmap to a low-carbon future: Policy and finance for climate action