Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’


Cities and Climate Change: Low-Carbon Policy for the Urban Energy Transition

Summer Academy 2016 | 17 – 22 July | Greifswald and Berlin | Program available here.

Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, projected to increase to 70% by 2050. As main energy consumption centers, cities are major contributors to the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global climate change. On a local level, these emissions have a devastating effect on human health and quality of life, at great social, economic and environmental costs. Moreover, many of the world’s largest cities are located in coastal areas, rendering them vulnerable to rising sea levels associated with climate change.

Moving towards sustainable cities is a great international and interdisciplinary challenge: International due to the global impact of climate change on cities worldwide, and interdisciplinary in the close cooperation between academic disciplines and economic sectors it requires.

The 13th annual international Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ will focus on the policy, social, health, economic and mobility challenges that climate change presents to today’s cities, evaluating the impact of climate change on a global and then urban level, offering in-depth insights into low-carbon policy solutions for major urban sectors like transport and buildings, case studies on sustainability strategies from major cities around the world, and visits to a wind energy farm and a renewable electricity storage plant.

IKEM and the University of Greifswald
The Academy is organised by the German research institute IKEM (Institute for Climate protection, Energy and Mobility), in close cooperation with the University of Greifswald. IKEM offers tailored research on the wide variety of challenges that have surfaced in the context of the German energy transition, with an emphasis on policy and legal questions. The Institute is affiliated with the University of Greifswald and is led by Prof. Michael Rodi, who also serves as a professor at the law faculty of the University. Visit our photo gallery for impressions of this international expert event!