In today’s globalized world, markets, goods and people are constantly transcending national borders. Energy and environmental issues are no exception to this rule: energy supply, emissions and environmental damage clearly are transnational issues. Moreover, the discrepancy between the location of energy resources and the location of energy demand makes international trade in the commodity a must, ensuing in many legal and logistical complications and security concerns. An answer to this dilemma must be based on a combination of close international cooperation and alignment of interests, as well as a gradual but decisive shift towards less centralized, renewable energy production.

The Summer Academy aims to act as an interdisciplinary and intergenerational forum for highly qualified young researchers and professionals working on energy and/or environment issues. By incorporating professionals from the business sector, the event creates a much-needed link between research and industry as both sides are able to learn from and influence each other in a mutually beneficial manner: ensuring the relevance of research carried out and employing practices based on the latest findings. After all, the value of scientific findings and policy solutions ultimately lies in their practical application.

DSC_5753Interdisciplinary and international

For fifteen years now, the annual Summer Academy has identified a key topic  within the field of energy and the environment and convened professionals, researchers and students from all over the world to further explore its implications and challenges. The Academy takes place over the space of a week, and its conferences and lectures are held by professionals from the energy business, renowned researchers and professors from the academic world and representatives from think-tanks and governments. The different backgrounds and institutional affiliations of the teaching faculty allows for the Academy to explore the topic from all necessary angles.

This interdisciplinary nature is equally important in the selection of the 25-30 participants. Energy and environmental issues affect many different professions, which is reflected in the steadily increasing number of applications from a wide variety of disciplines. Previous Academies welcomes engineers, legal experts, policy-makers and economists alike, which has always resulted in challenging discussion rounds.